The Logo

I LOVE my logo!!  And think the artist needs a bit of recognition.

Over a year ago I was following a really fun facebook ‘game’ with Glasgow artist, Rosemary Cunningham on her page Illustrations, etc.    Rosie was creating an artistic ‘A to Z’ of Edinburgh.  Each day she would post a letter and take suggestions on what Edinburgh landmark she should sketch.  That night she would pick one idea to respresent that letter, sketch it, and post the next day.  I’m happy to say that a couple of my suggestions made the cut!!

I loved Rosie’s style of drawing so much that I had the brilliant idea of contacting her about doing a logo for healthy edinburgh.  I gave her a colour scheme and a sketch and she nailed it.  She even did a couple of mini drawings to use as icons/profile pics.

To see more of Rosie’s work check out her etsy page.



250 juice glass 250 yogini

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