Getting ready to shimmy and shake

Burlesque Lessons are ‘Peachy Keen’

I was about to start a new fitness class so I dutifully headed over to the company website to check out the guidelines: 

  • Bring a towel – CHECK
  • Water Bottle – CHECK
  • Clothes you can move freely in – CHECK
  • High Heels – ?????????
  • Button down shirt for week 4’s “striptease” – ????????
  • Arrive early to get a drink at the bar – ??????????
  • Location – Basement of a Pub!!


Getting ready to shimmy and shake

Getting ready to shimmy and shake

I’m always on the lookout for unusual, fun ways to workout so when an offer popped up on Living Social for  4 x 1 hour classes of Burlesque dance lessons with Madame Peaches I was on it in a flash – and it didn’t take much convincing to get a friend to tag along too (don’t all Aunties take their nieces to Burlesque lessons?).  So on a Wednesday evening when most people are getting comfy on the sofa or having a drink at a pub – we made our way down into the basement of one – if only the locals up at the bar and passersby on the street knew what was going on down below :D!!

 There was a great turnout of nearly 20 ladies (yep no guys were brave enough to enrol) – all ages, shapes and sizes  – some in workout gear, other in cute dresses or comfy street clothes – anything goes, as long as you can dance in it!

Roberta, our instructor put on Lady Marmalade and guided us through a slinky sultry warm-up – helping us to relax, smile and to work to our abilities – reminding us:  if it doesn’t feel good – it won’t look good!!  On the car ride over we were taking bets on what music we would be dancing to – with ‘Hey Big Spender’ and the Diet Coke tune top of the leader board which resulted in a fit of giggles when the next tune turned out to be Etta Jame’s I just wanna make love to you!!  We then learned some basic techniques and moves to prepare us for a full dance number which we repeated a few times with Roberta, then on our own.  And if I may say so myself – we were pretty good.   

Wednesday nights couldn’t come around fast enough!! Each week we packed up our heels and went off to the pub to learn more moves and a new routine.  We shimmied, we swivelled, we swayed, we rolled and rotated our shoulders and hips.  These typical Burlesque moves are slow, deliberate, precise, exaggerated and helped us learn to be graceful and more aware of our bodies.  It wasn’t just about getting the moves right; it had to look good too.  So we thought about what our arms were doing – all the way down to our finger tips – making sure nothing was floppy or sloppy.

By week 4 we had the moves, the techniques and the confidence so it was on with the button down shirt (over our clothes of course!!) for a sexy striptease number.  If only my husband knew what his borrowed work shirts got up to that night!!

Now that my 4 week session is over, Wednesday nights just won’t be the same!!  But I’ll definitely be going back – anyone for polesque????

Aren’t we the picture of style and grace!!  😀

 burlesque 6 burlesque 7

Further info

Visit Madame Peaches’s website and facebook page to get more info and check out the other classes on offer .

 Our fab instructor, Roberta also teaches belly dancing – her details are:

Roberta Belly Dance

 Healthy Scale: Burlesque Dance Classes

Mind: (+)  Unlike other dance based fitness classes (like Zumba), instead of just following along – we were actually taught specific dance moves and a full routine – so it was quite a challenge to the mind trying to get the moves right AND remember the sequence!!

Body: (+) Great for balance and control but because there is a lot of stopping and starting to learn the routine it’s not a fantastic aerobic workout – but at least you won’t get your fancy clothes all sweaty!!

Community: (+) Great turnout of people who might not enjoy going to a gym



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