Cramond Stones

Cramond Island Walk – Edinburgh’s Riviera

When we decided to finally move from central Scotland into Edinburgh we were overwhelmed trying to decide what area to settle down into.  We loved the areas of Broughton, Stockbridge, Morningside, Bruntsfield, Marchmont, and The New Town but couldn’t find the right combination of space, parking and price.  So, we ventured to new territory around Newhaven and Granton Harbour.  Well, we LOVE it!  Still easy to get into town but we have all the amenities we need right at hand PLUS the most amazing views.

Granton Harbour

Granton Harbour

And we’ve been introduced to a hidden gem (well we didn’t know about it :D) – Cramond Village, Cramond Island and the safe, wide scenic path that runs nearly all the way to Granton Harbour.  The path has become our playground:

  • we park at one end and walk along – imagining ourselves to be strolling along the Italian Riviera for our evening ‘Passeggiata’..
  • We cycle from our home – enjoying the car free path as we gleefully dodge small children on scooters, dogs, walkers and other cyclists…
  • We have even screeched and screamed our way down the grassy slopes on our ‘grass sledge’ (bought on a whim after a trip to the Cairngorms – finally we have a safe place to use it!)…Grass Sledding Video
  • We check the tidal reports and occasionally make it across to the island…
  • I have danced ‘silent disco’ style along the path with the other members of the Outdoor Zumba Meetup group – Healthy Socialising Edinburgh (much to the amusement and maybe annoyance of the other walkers and cyclists using the path)…
  • We walk further along up the River Almond path to the little waterfall and wish we had brought our wallets along so we could stop at the cute wee cafe…
  • And we LOVE to bring visitors along to share the views, the fun and the adventures!!

Further info
Here are some useful websites if you want to find out more about Cramond Island, Village and the Tides:
The Cramond Association

Healthy Scale: Cramond Island Walk

Mind: (+)  Fresh air, glorious views, watching others enjoying the outdoors, nature – what could be more peaceful, relaxing and invigorating
Body: (+) Walking, running, zumba, cycling, skating, sledding – A haven for fun outdoor fitness!!
Community: (+) Quite amazing to find a sweet, wee village at the end and such a community feeling being outdoors with so many other people.

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