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Guest Blog:   Mariota of ‘M Massage’ prepares to Ride the North!

In our running feature on fitness challenges, last week we featured a guest post from Kylie who is preparing for a second attempt of the extreme obstacle course – the Tough Mudder.   This time we’re hearing about a local Massage Therapist who is attempting not one but 2 cycling challenges! 

Mariota is passionate about massage and feels very lucky to have a career (she has her own practice, M-Massage) that allows her to create positive changes in her clients’ physical and mental well-being.  When she’s not easing the tension out of her clients’ muscles, she puts her own muscles through the paces with yoga, long walks with Fergus the dog, and cycling.

So just what inspired Mariota to get on her bike and ride these challenges?  Find out in this repost of her blog….


With 6 days of Integrated Myofascial Release Techniques (MFR) training with MFR-UK* behind me, Spring just around the corner (I’ll keep trying to convince myself) and the last birthday of my 30s rapidly approaching, I’ve decided that it’s time to give myself a challenge.

What kind of challenge would you pick for yourself? Joining (and using!) a gym? A 10k or a half marathon? An open water swim? A triathlon? A month off the booze or a Lent without chocolate? Any of those would be quite a feat for me, I must admit, especially where running or giving up things I love are concerned.

I’ve loved cycling since I was a kid (I still remember the first ride free of stabilisers, aged 6 – what a feeling!) and did a fair amount of cycle touring while I was living in the Czech Republic. I love seeing the countryside on two wheels, so a long-distance cycle seemed the logical way to go; and when I spotted Ride the North on Twitter, I knew I’d found my challenge. 170 miles over two days. Yes! Now there’s a challenge!

As a warm-up ride, I’m planning to do the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling Night Ride on 19th June – 100km (63 miles) through East Lothian, returning to Edinburgh along the coast as the sun comes up. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? The last time I rode 100km in one go was 5 years ago, but I’m sure I’ll be fine… (and let’s not talk about what the weather might do).

I did the first long ride of my Ride the North training this morning – 60 miles through East Lothian, in cold, bright sunshine.

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Beautiful. Yep, I’m exhausted! It felt great, though – and I’m looking forward to clocking up more miles once my legs and glutes have recovered (I definitely need and deserve a massage – and soon!)

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Next time: more information about the MFR training I’ve recently done. See you then!

*Read more about MFR-UK here: http://www.myofascialrelease.co.uk

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