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Guest Blog:  Insanity; Train Insane – or remain the same! by Nicola Cockburn of

Last January I had my first attempt at a running club and I have to admit that I was a bit nervous.  Luckily I was in good hands with fitness instructor and personal trainer, Nicola Cockburn.  Nicola has recently added another class to her schedule of workouts – INSANITY!!  I have yet to try it and although the name sounds a bit scary – I’m sure that Nicola’s experience, training and patience will make this a fun, challenging workout for people of all fitness levels. If you’re intrigued (I know I am) here’s Nicola to tell us a little bit more……….


photo courtesy of Nicola Fitness

A little bit about me – I’m certainly not one of those drill sergeant types but I do believe in motivation and hard work.  I have been lucky enough to train people of all fitness levels and ages and think this is important for EVERYONE to stay active.  My interests are varied and this is what keeps me going. Mixing up my fitness routine with a variety of activities is the way I like to train – be it running, an Insanity class, cycling, Metafit or dog walking – it’s all geared towards mobility, strength, fitness and conditioning.  I really do enjoy helping people either get active, improving their general fitness – or keeping motivated during a busy lifestyle.  An hour’s physical activity is only 4% of the day – it’s all about making the time and looking after yourself.

I started teaching Insanity during the summer and have not looked back!  The great thing about this workout is that it really is for everybody.  I love being able to teach all levels, ages and genders.  There are (honestly) plenty of options so that you can lower the intensity – or take it higher without alienating anyone.  Teaching HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) allows people to work hard, work every muscle group and really boost your metabolism.  Fitness levels show a great improvement along with a change in body shape, strength and even attitude.    Don’t be put off by the Youtube clips – this class really is for everyone!  I love it when I see my clients or class members look back at me with determination and focus – we are all in the zone together and no one is judging anyone.

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photo courtesy of Nicola Fitness

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what one of my class members thinks about the Insanity workout….
“Before joining and taking part in Nicola’s Insanity class on a Thursday, I thought it would be all young, very fit, athletic people in the class and that I would feel out of my depth but Nicola explained that the class is for everyone and for all ages, fitness levels and abilities. She told me to do what I could, to follow the modifications that she shows us if/when necessary which was good. Anyway, I’ve noticed a big improvement in my fitness levels over the last couple of months. I attempt and can do most exercises but always try to give it my best. I love Nicola’s Insanity class – she’s very friendly, welcoming and encouraging.

I also love the fact that the workouts are done in about 40/45 minutes and when we’ve all got such busy and hectic lives, it’s great to get to the venue, do your best, and you’re done in a short amount of time. I also find that the music is very good too which helps take your mind off the timed exercises. I’d recommend anyone to give Nicola’s Insanity classes a go if they want to improve their fitness. I love the atmosphere in the class and you’ll love the buzz and the class too”.

Contact Nicola to try a class:

The class is every Thursday 6.30pm in Dreghorn Loan Hall, Colinton and is 40 minutes long

Class/PT info – Website:
Mobile: 07525753665.
(1:1 Personal Fitness sessions for women only)

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photo courtesy of Nicola Fitness, prices and times correct as of Nov 2014

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  1. Thanks for the info in your blog Nicola and I hope that it encourages others (men and women) to come and join your great class. I love it and look forward to the new challenges every week and feel that it’s really helping me with my fitness, health and lifestyle. Looking forward to this Thursday at 6.30 🙂

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