Guest Blog….. Winter Cycling tips from Pedal Forth

Whether you’re a ‘fair-weather cyclist’ (like me) or if you brave the weather and ride all year ‘round, you still need to prepare your bike for winter storage or winter riding.  Since I’m not an expert, the guys from Pedal Forth in Leith have been kind enough to give us some tips to get you and your bikes through winter and ready for action again in spring……….

 About Pedalforth…. shopPedalforth is owned by Richard, a keen commuter who cycles in most mornings. Richard felt there was a lack of bike shops that sold used bikes in Leith and so Pedalforth was born. Sean has over seven years experience and qualifications in the bike trade and works on bicycles of all types and at all price points, from £80 supermarket specials to full carbon race proven road bikes. We can repair anything from a flat tyre to a full strip and rebuild, we also sell new and used bikes.

Giving your bike the winter off….
If the trusty steed is being retired for the winter, store it with the chain on the smallest ring at the front and the smallest at the rear. This prevents the derailleurs from seizing due to the spring being stretched. Don’t put the bike away wet; rust will form on the chain and exposed bolts. If it goes away in need of work (i.e. stretched cables, sloppy gears) these will need fixed when it’s next dusted down for use. This is usually at the same time as everybody else’s, causing a delay in service time. Spin classes are a good idea for keeping yourself fit during the winter season as they are warm, dry and sociable. Or, if you have space available at home, a turbo trainer or exercise bike is another option. 


Braving the elements…
Hardier souls that are still commuting can winterise their velocipede by covering exposed nuts and nipples with a dab of Vaseline, preventing rust and seizing. Fit wider tyres and mudguards (if frame allows) for better traction and comfort. A good set of lights and waterproof overtrousers are a must, and extra hi-viz clothing helps. Avoid deep puddles and piles of mulchy leaves; they can hide small rocks and potholes. Lastly, regular maintenance is needed due to road salt and adverse weather.  Cheap oil, cleaners and brushes can be purchased from pound shops. It needn’t be expensive.


For more information and help servicing your bike this winter, contact….

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