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Happy 4th Birthday to My Favourite Place to Get Fit in Edinburgh

I’ve tried to write this blog a hundred times but each time I get stumped.  How can I possibly do justice to this amazing place and the fantastic people that run it, work there and attend the classes?  But as this weekend saw LifesCycle celebrate their 4th birthday – it seems the perfect time to try.

At first glance it is an official Spinning® ‘indoor cycling centre’.  OK, so it’s a room full of stationary bikes, with loud pumping music?  Well as soon as you step through the Green Door you realise that you’ve stepped into another dimension, where fitness is fun and accessible to everyone, but also where athletes mingle with ‘newbies’.   Whatever your goal – to get healthier, lose weight, train for a major event – you know you’ll get all the support and individual attention you need.  Because you see, that green door doesn’t lead to a sterile modern gym, it leads to a home from home, where friends hang out on sofas with comfy cushions and candle light mingles with the disco lights from the adjoining studio, where the energy of the group carries each individual through class.

We first found LifesCycle when my husband decided to train to become a Spinning® instructor so that he could teach a class in Switzerland, where he’s been working.  LifesCycle were listed on the Spinning® website as an official training site, so we thought we would check it out before he went for his instructor training.  When I called to book us in for our first session I started chatting to Jeannie (one of the founders/owners) about why we were coming.  When we arrived for our first session Jeannie remembered our conversation and greeted us like old friends.  We were quickly introduced to her husband and co-owner, Andy, who was teaching the class that Saturday morning.  He was so excited that my husband was going to do the training and was already offering help with finding music and putting together classes.

The Master and Apprentice

The Master and Apprentice

Up until then I had only been to indoor cycling classes at the gym.  We did some strange moves, like cycling backwards, cycling with one hand, push-ups on the handle bars, lying flat across the bars with your butt sticking out…. All the reasons that my husband thought he should get trained up and take over the classes (and he did!!).  Well…… our first class at LifesCycle was a real eye opener!!!  It was a feast for the senses:  lights, music, video all working together to motivate and move you through the hour as one whole team working together.   There were no ‘dodgy moves’; instead Andy used a set of safe yet effective cycling positions combined with changes in resistance all choregraphed to a unique and surprising (well wouldn’t you be surprised to hear Boney M’s Rasputin in a spin class :D) soundtrack that blended instrumental tracks and old favourites from across many genres.  Within minutes I was taken in by the music and the powerful group dynamic and energy.  I closed my eyes, and listened while Andy’s motivational words guided me through the class as if the bike and I were moving together as one; I was totally in the zone – locked in the present moment as if going through a moving meditation.  I could hardly believe it when the music slowed down and we were into the final stretch.  The hour flew by and although I was working hard; I was left wanting more.


That was over 18 months ago and LifesCycle has become part of our life.  We’ve tried all the classes and loved them.  We have become friends with the instructors and our ‘classmates’ – actually it’s hard not to!!  I could go on and on about all the great experiences I’ve had since finding LifesCycle – like the special events for the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, the charity rides (including a 24 Hour marathon!!) and training preparation for road rides like the Tour de Forth………..

I would highly recommend LifesCycle to anyone looking to improve their fitness.  The friendliness, energy and warmth make LifesCycle so much more than just a fitness centre, it’s a safe, comfortable environment that gives you the support you need to either start a new health and fitness regime or to take your training to the next level.   A typical session at LifesCycle is a mix  of ‘Newbies’, ‘Roadies’ and ‘Tri-athletes’, all using the inspiration from the instructor and the ability to control the resistance on their own bike to create ‘their unique ride’.  If you want to give it a try there are free induction sessions (that help you get set up and feel comfortable on the bike), drop-in payment options and membership deals.

Why not try a class and support a great cause.  As part of their 4th Birthday Celebrations there will be a charity ride for The Book Bus on 30th November at 6pm.  They hope to help raise the awareness of the importance of education in developing countries and also help to further support the Cowboy Cliff Pre School which Andy visited in 2011. Andy will be sharing his African experiences and developing an amazing ride with fantastic visuals – he will be joined by Hugh McInnes on the bike… and by Pepe Santamaria on percussion.  Even if you aren’t able to do a class – stop by as throughout the day there will be lots going on, with stuff for sale and book swaps, the amazing John Fardell reading etc. but the ride and the get together afterwards are not to be missed! LifesCycle’s favourite Spanish sangria maker, German Rodriguez will be doing the business again and buffet provided! Call the number below to book a bike now or just to find out more!!!

For more information check out the LifesCycle website and facebook page.

72 Newhaven Road, Edinburgh EH6 5QG
T: 07536 013511
E: theteam@lifescycle.co.uk

Healthy Scale: LifesCycle

Mind: (+)  A class at LifesCycle is a workout for the mind, body and spirit!  Once you get into the Zone your mind is focused on the present moment and all worries are forgotten.

Body: (+) An amazing workout, you will sweat – when they say you need a towel and a water bottle they mean it!!

Community: (+) This is NOT a gym where you are a number, where instructors and members come and go; this is a real community where staff and members all support each other.


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