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Lululemon Athletica – Creating a calm, healthy ‘Nook’ during the festival madness

Free yoga classes and samples of healthy snacks from Earthy foods, Lululemon Athletica Edinburgh – I think I’m in love….

“Creating components for people to live longer, healthier, more fun lives”.  That’s the brief but poignant description Lululemon Athletica  have on their Facebook page for their newly opened Edinburgh showroom.

So how do they achieve this?  Lululemon Athletica have been making fitness clothing for men and women for years and have recently crossed the Atlantic with a store and showrooms in London and an online shop.  They don’t just sell the gear – they encourage a fit, fun and healthy lifestyle.  They don’t have ‘salespeople’ they have ‘educators’, who are there to give advice on the right gear for your favorite activity.  And, they also have their finger on the local fitness pulse by going out and trying activities themselves and by inviting local instructors into their showrooms and stores to give free classes, workshops and demonstrations.  That’s exactly how I first met some of the Edinburgh team Sam, Rachel and Jenny.  I was at my regular haunt, LifesCycle, when I started chatting to some new faces after class (the chats at LifesCycle can last longer than the Spin® classes :D).  Rachel and Sam were so enthusiastic about their role to start up the newest Lululemon Athletica Showroom  and so passionate about health and fitness; I knew they would be a fantastic addition to the healthy vibe of Edinburgh.

The proper showroom is a few weeks away, but in the meantime they have just opened up their premises at 10 Castle Street as ‘The Nook’; a little haven away from the madness of the Festivals.






They are open everyday except Sunday from 12 to 6, until the 31st of August.  Before they re-open as a showroom in September, they are treating us to free fitness classes and opportunities to get to know other healthy proprietors.  The classes are daily 12 to 1 with special events at 4pm on Fridays.  The best way to find out what classes are on offer is to follow their facebook page, or stop by for a chat and check out the notice board…


I wanted to attend at least one class so I headed out on Wednesday for yoga with a twist of pilates, led by Rachel Boddy of Boddy Language.


This class had a strong focus on breathing and how to engage your core muscles to work safely and effectively.  My often neglected arms and upper body had a good workout too – especially in the handstand preparation – sorry about the footprints on the freshly painted walls!!

lulu boddy

Photo Courtesy of Boddy Language

I learned so much from Rachel in just one hour; even in Spin® class later that night I would catch my shoulders slouching and my back collapsing and I would think about Rachel’s advice and make the proper adjustments.  By engaging my core I found I could use a bit more resistance and keep a good pace on the climbs; plus I was saving my back and shoulders from any future aches and pains.  I will definitely be going to her classes at Meadowlark so that I can progress even more.

I initially only intended to pop-in for once class this week, but it was so good that I wanted more.  Well, that’s only partially true.  The truth… I looked at the notice board and saw that Thursday’s yoga class was being lead by Sarah from Earthy Foods AND she was bringing a selection of healthy snacks!!!  I may have been enticed by the snacks, but I was equally wowed by the yoga class.  Sarah had a very fluid approach, which introduced heat into every muscle and I quickly worked up a healthy glow (aka sweat!!).   I got more tips on proper technique that I will put to good use in my practise at home.

Sarah’s other talents include her ability to prepare delicious, beautiful, healthy food that is available at all the Earthy Foods locations (The Causeway Side shop featured in a previous blog).  After class we were treated to kale pesto, a beet dip, carrot salad, strawberry smoothies and gluten free pistachio cake.


Everything was fresh, vibrant and delicious!  I was so inspired that I made the kale pesto as soon as I got home.  I intended to put it on my courgette noodles for dinner but I’ve already eaten a big chunk of it spread on rice cakes.  Sarah will be dropping off more samples over the next few days so if you stop by you may be in for a treat – of course you can get the whole range at Earthy.

I love that Lululemon Athletica are not just about selling the clothes but are committed to helping their local community get a little bit healthier and helping connect people with local fitness providers.  Stop by the Nook before the 31st of August to find out more about the showroom which will open with a showcase of key fitness clothing and more classes a few weeks later.

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    • Hi, Lululemon is a clothing shop but they put on free fitness classes for the local community, most often yoga. They do a free class on Saturday morning and special events during the week. You’ll need to check their facebook page to find out the schedule – or visit the shop on Castle street. Its a great way to try new classes and yoga instructors.

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