Sweaty Betty Roadshow comes to LifesCycle

Sweaty Betty started in London with the aim to encourage more women into fitness by providing workout clothes that were both fashionable AND functional (no more stealing your boyfriend’s track bottoms and running shorts!!).  There’s nothing worse than going to workout and feeling uncomfortable in what you are wearing – too cold, too hot and sweaty or feeling ‘unsupported’ and Sweaty Betty aims to make clothes specifically for women to address these issues.  Their clothing is available online but when a Sweaty Betty Boutique opened on George Street I was excited at the thought of being able to feel the fabrics, try things on and get expert advice on what was best for the workouts that I do.  Well, they definitely deliver on these targets but I was surprised at how much more they have to offer here in Edinburgh!!

Did you know they offer free yoga and pilates classes in the store (after hours) and have a running club??  No?  Well head over to the shop and register your name so that you’ll find out the dates and times and go and try a class!

Did you know they now have a Sweaty Betty Edinburgh Facebook page?  Give them a ‘like’ and find out about local offers and find out what the staff get up to when the shop is closed.

And that leads me to today’s story. . .

Did you know the staff at Sweaty Betty are spending the summer trying loads of activities around Edinburgh?

They’ll be putting the Sweaty Betty gear to the test all around town – they’ve already tried one of healthy edinburgh’s favourites – Bouncercise with Fitness Chicks, they’ve been hooping it up with Hula Honeys, and tried Women’s Padel Tennis at Edinburgh Sports Club.  Last night the ‘Sweaty Betty Roadshow’ stopped at another healthy edinburgh fave –  LifesCycle.  Six of the shop’s staff joined in the ‘Mind & Body’ ride led by the dynamic duo of Andy and Hugh.  Just in case the girls lived up to their name, I volunteered to supply some homemade juices and raw energy bars for some after ride refreshment.

The girls from Sweaty Betty were joined by LifesCycle regulars to make up a full house.

sb crew

Getting Warmed up

Getting Warmed up



40 people riding together – their moves orchestrated by Andy and Hugh who ‘conducted’ them along flat roads, into head winds and up the mountains.

hugh andy DSC_5597

When I stood in the doorway to take some photos I was hit by a wall of heat!  Wow!  These guys were working hard!  The carefully selected music added to the energy and drama of the ride, encouraging everyone to work to the beat.   The sweat really was flowing yet everyone was still smiling, moving together, hanging on Hugh and Andy’s every word for instruction and motivation.  It was like watching a moving meditation – everyone totally focused on the present moment.

together2 together

As the music slowed, a rapturous applause broke out – everyone showing appreciation for their leaders, themselves and each other.  That was my que to start pouring the juice!!!


The Sweaty Betty crew (who did live up to their name!!) graciously supplied everyone (the men too) with a goodie bag.


As an extra treat, I decided to bring along some juices and raw power bars that I make for my husband when he goes cycling for hours and hours up mountains and over cobbles.  I was curious what others would make of my recipes!!  I decided to come up with juices that were distinctly different in taste, ingredients and colour.  They all seemed to go down well – with the purple beet juice slightly pulling ahead as the favourite on the night.

DSC_5664 DSC_5612

The bars were made from soaked and dehydrated seeds held together by dried fruits (prunes, dates, goji berries, raisins) that were soaked in raw apple juice.  As an added energy and health boost I topped them with some raw, organic IQ chocolate (made in Scotland!)


Don’t forget to head into Sweaty Betty’s shop at 67 George Street to find out more about the in store fitness classes and ‘like’ their facebook page to find out what other adventures they get up to this summer, it’s really great having them as part of the Edinburgh fitness community.  And of course, please check out LifesCycle – you may not always go away with a goodie bag – but you will ALWAYS go away feeling GOOD!


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